payback! FAQ

Using PayBack! 

  1. Q. Is PayBack compatible with iPhone OS 7.1-8.2

  2. A. Yes

  1. Q. How to I create a trip?

  2. A. From the main ‘Trips’ view click the ‘+’ button.

  3. Q. How do I delete a trip, or a friend/expense from a Trip.

  4. A. Use the “swipe to delete” gesture to expose the “Delete” button or click the “Edit” button to display the delete controls.

  5. Q. I can’t see the details of expenses and paybacks as the screen is too small.

  6. A. Rotate the screen to landscape.

  7. Q. I don’t understand the payback, it seems not what I would expect.

  8. A. There is no unique solution. The PayBack algorithm works to minimize the number of transactions, but it is not necessarily the only solution.

  9. Q. One of my friends did not get automatically added to the “To:” of the e-mail.

  10. A. Did you change his/her name or delete them from your contacts? Payback looks up by name in ‘Contacts’ to get the e-mail.

  11. Q. How do I split an expense? Say dinner costs $120 and someone wants to pay $80, and another $40.

  12. A. Adjust the amount paid by that person by clicking on the (I) info button for that expense. The other amounts will auto-adjust.

  13. Q. What do I do if someone on the trip says, “I know I owe you some money, here is $60”.

  14. A. Enter a “Payment” from that person.

  15. Q. Every time I start PayBack! I get a blank screen then I am back at the main iPhone screen.

  16. A. The  PayBack data file is corrupted in some way. If you are OK with sending me the data file for an attempt at emergency recovery then follow these steps.

  17.     - Download  the app “iExplorer” from

  18.     - Find the files belonging to “PayBack”. Look for the file “TripsArchive” and send it to me.

  19. Q. How do I use the support for multiple currencies? (PayBack 1.0.8+)

  20. A. PayBack dynamically updates the “PayBack” based on the “currency of the trip” and the currency set in each expense. So you can compute the “PayBack” in Euro, then in US$. etc, etc at any time as long as you have the correct currency conversion(s). When opening an old trip, PayBack uses your current “locale” to set the default currencies.

  21. Q. How does PayBack update the currency conversion(s)? (PayBack  1.0.8+)

  22. A. When  you click the “refresh” button on the currencies screen PayBack goes out to the internet and uses a currency conversion service to get the data. As this is a free service you may occasionally get a “time-out” or “too busy” message.

  23. Q. The CSV attachment does not display properly, or is full of garbage characters.

  24. A. Try setting UTF-8 “ON” on the PayBack settings page.

  25. Q. How do I combine expenses for the same trip with multiple devices/people

  26. A.

  27. Go the main screen of the Trip

  28. Click the “share” button

  29. Email the other person/device your trip

  30. In Apple Mail, click on the attachment, and “Open” in PayBack

  31. This should create a new Trip with the name of your trip with any already entered expenses ( minus photos)

  32. Enters expenses

  33. Follow the same procedure to email back the trip...

  34. Expenses are intelligently merged. In other words unless you enter an expense of the same name at the same time, there should be no conflicts.