payback! for iphone


1. ADD trip

You go on a snowboarding trip with your mates and everybody pays for different things during the trip.  You come home with a pile of receipts and you’re trying to work out how everyone can settle up (and stay friends).   What do you do?  Get PAYBACK for the iPhone, the ultimate shared expense calculator.  Just enter the list of expenses and who they’re shared between and PAYBACK automatically calculates how you can settle your debts. What’s more, PAYBACK’s unique algorithm automatically minimizes the number of transactions needed to settle your debts. 

If you have friends and you go on trips, and you want to keep your friends, then you need payback!

2. Add friends

3. ADD Expenses

4. Payback!

Payback lets you manage expenses for multiple trips.  Quickly create a new trip or revisit expenses from a previous trip.

Add a list of friends who went on the trip by selecting contacts directly from your contacts list.

Add the expenses each friend paid for, along with the friends the expense was shared between

Payback automatically calculates the minimum number of transactions required to settle all debts. Send an e-mail to everyone.

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